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We've put together some general advice on food safety.

Introducing Food Takeaway and Delivery Options

In a time of unprecedented events, A2Z food safety appeciates that businesses may look to change and adapt their business in order to maintain their business during this time. To help here is some advice for food businesses that are looking to make provisions for takeaways and deliveries. You are required to think of all the food safety hazards and ensure that you have control measures in place to provide safe food to your customers.

In addition to your current food safety controls, you will also need to consider the following: Suppliers

You need continue to use reputable suppliers.


You are still required to thoroughly clean and disinfect all surfaces and equipment. If you have difficulty in purchasing sanitisers then you need to find an alternative British Standard 1276 compliant sanitiser, and continue to use detergent and hot water. Information can be found at

Cross contamination

Ensure that you have designated equipment for raw and ready-to-eat foods, and where possible use separate areas for all raw preparation and storage.

Personal Hygiene

Increase the frequency of hand washing, ensuring all food handlers are washing their hands for at least 40 seconds with hot water and hand soap. Dry hands with disposable paper towels and ensure taps are turned off with paper towels.

Fitness to Work

You must ensure that all food handlers are fit to work. Staff must be provided with clear instructions, and any person with illness or symptoms must report it to the manager. You need to ensure the goverments infection control policy in relation to coronavirsus is followed. For details visit GOV.UK-COVID 19: Guidance for Employees, Employers and Businesses.

Stock Rotation

You may find it difficult to establish how much food to order, therefore you must ensure that stock control procedures are fully implemented. If you freeze any foods, then you will need to ensure that all food has a durabilty date on, with the date it was frozen. Always check manufacturers instructions to see if products can be frozen first.

Foods made on site may be frozen and kept for a maximum of three months. Ensure that a frozen on and use by date is given on the label.

Temperature Control

Dependant on which foods you will be serving, you must ensure that you have regards to temperature control. Food which require refrigeration must be kept cool during transportation. You will need to ensure that you use insultated boxes and keep the product below 5ºC. Hot food should be kept over 63ºC and placed into an insulated box or bag.


You must ensure that all food which is wrapped or packaged must be food grade, and must be stored and kept in place where it will not become contaminated.


If you are decide to sell chilled or frozen ready meals, then you must enusre that all labelling requirements are adhered to. For more information on labelling please visit


If your menu has changed or the recipes have changed then you will need to ensure that you assess allergens. You need to consider that you review all recipe cards, and the methods of cooking. Review the allergen information should you have to use subsituted ingredients.


Delivery vehicles need to be kept in a clean condition to prevent any contamiantion. You need to consider that the vehicle is insured for ‘Business’ use.

Social Distancing

For anyone visiting your premises to collect food, you should limit the amount of customers who enter the premises so that the 2 meter social distancing can be adhered to. This can be achieved by using floor markers or smiliar. Orders should be paid for with contactless payments wherever possble.


You need to consider leaving deliveries at the door of the customer, opposed to handing it to them. You should knock the door, and step back 2 meters and wait for the customer to collect it.

The above measures should be put into place, prior to introducing food takeaway or delivery options, and should work in conjuction with your current food safety procedures.

If you have any further questions or queries then please feel free to contact us.


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