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Food Safety Monitoring Assistant

Fed up of endless paperwork? With TempCheck you can manage everything your business needs to be compliant with food hygiene regulations in one simple app.

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Benefits of TempCheck

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Risk Reduction

TempCheck is more than just allowing you to record fridge temperatures this monitoring app will help you demonstrate food safety compliance. You can set limits; the app will alert the user if the limit is not met allowing the user to correct the issue immediately minimising the risk in your business.

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Cost Savings

TempCheck app helps you to keep track of your appliances, allowing you to deal with issues before things get too expensive to fix. 

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Reduced Paperwork

Say goodbye to paperwork! With Tempcheck you can track, monitor and record how food is stored, cooked, and cooled. Regular checks? Do them all on the app! You can even set your own cleaning schedule. Access everything you need in one place, at any time!

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Time Savings

Monitoring your appliances just got easier! With TempCheck you can update compliance details seamlessly, saving you time and hassle. 

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